New Sonographers

New Sonography Student,

Let me start off by saying welcome and congratulations on getting here!  You are about to embark on a difficult journey that may become a rewarding career.  I hope that your heart is in the right place as you move forward.  There will be blood, sweat, and tears.  You will lose sleep.  You will feel like an utter failure at times.  It sounds awful right?!?  It will be worth it.

Ultrasound is never boring.  We are detectives painting a picture that represents each person as an individual.  It is painful when you are the only person in the room who realizes that you have just found cancer and can’t say anything.  My heart still leaps for joy when I see a fetal heartbeat.  I still get excited when I find the source of someone’s pain because I know they will be getting an answer that might even have an easy solution.  People will pour their hearts out to you during their exams.  Some stories are incredibly funny and others will have you holding back tears.  I’ve held more than one hand and cried with someone who just got the worst news of their life.  I have laughed just as hard when someone received good news.  The reactions can be priceless!

My number one advice on how to succeed is to be a “people person” and seek out opportunities for growth.  There will be sonographers and doctors who you will loathe because they will push you hard to be better.  Take your lumps and learn from them because you are now the intern.  Treat it like the longest job interview you have ever endured.  We all want you to succeed even when it feels like you are being stepped on constantly.  We have all made mistakes.  We have all been there.  Learn from your mistakes and expect more from yourself next time.  It is going to be okay!

Lastly, if you need help please feel free to reach out to me or another sonographer.

Best Wishes,



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